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Lee Hong Ki

Lee Hong Ki
This is Lee Hong Ki . He is my SAYANG .. i love you sygg !! hehe .. jngn rmps dia dari sya ok .. he is mine !! hee !!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Im Felicia

hai .. hai .. hai ..
may i intro my self ..
haha .. :P
my name if Felicia ..
im 13 year old ..
im already taken ..
so what ??
and then, i am friendly ..
i have many friend ..
i like eat .. haha
im just simple ..
im not to beauty ..
haha .. so whatt ???
AND .....
please dont say to me if you LOVE me ..
pleaseee !!!
k bye ... that all ..
need to know all ??
i think no need .. owkee .. :)

Friday, 30 December 2011

love you !!

Just Say ..
I LOVE YOU to me ..
that all i wanna u say to me ..huhuhu ...

huhuhuhu !!! :P

Even though you are not right next to me...
But still I feel you near me and when I look up at the stars..
It feels like m right next to you again....
Distance means so little...
When someone means so much...

hurmm !!

Delete from Facebook : Done ✔
Delete from Yahoo : Done ✔
Delete from Phonebook : Done ✔
Delete from the Heart : Error ✖ :((

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love you !

Regular heartbeat : /\_/\_/\_/\_/\_/\_

When I'm with you : /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

When I lost you : /\____________

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I love you

Good Bye !!

someone does not
deserve your love ,
then Say goodbye but
never say hello again.
Pick the pieces up but
never fix them.
Forget but never regret.
Feel the pain but never
keep it.
Move on, but never
move away ...

Bena Ya !!

Two Things To Remember In Life...
Be Careful About Your Thoughts When You Are Alone
Be Careful About Your Words When You Are In Crowd..♥